At Uscitech.com, we believe that education should not undergo an evolution, but a revolution. In order to solve the problems of current systems, shallow changes are not enough: education must be transformed into something different from what it is today.

To achieve this, we must get rid of preconceived ideas, such as the fact that everybody must go to university, sit down to attend a class and acquire knowledge from professors. Many of these memorable teachers lack any form of practical experience in the fields they teach. They are vital to train undergraduate students. But training scientists demands a step forward.

Current scientific and technological education requires teachers with solid technical training, as well as broad experience in research. We believe that the firsthand transfer of scientific knowledge will accelerate the process of science dissemination, the rise of new scientists and the realization of solutions for the benefit of humankind.

At Uscitech.com, we work in customizing education. We are convinced that each student has very diverse talents and skills. We believe that one of the major challenges in the educational environment is to change the definitions of teaching and learning.

Intelligence is diverse, dynamic, interactive and, above all, unique. Therefore, our goal is that students find information acquired from scientists-teachers who boost their talents and have broad experience in their fields in order to allow listeners to develop such talents.

In our virtual classrooms, there will be no classes. We will develop E-xperiences, resulting from the combination of the words “education” and “experiences”.

We believe that each master class taught by our scientists-teachers must be the spearhead to help listeners shorten their path towards knowledge. It is a talk with a mentor, an interaction. It is the guide of a master, in the spiritual sense of the word. It will be online, multidirectional and directed.

It will be organic, like the work of a farmer that plants a seed, so that many other hypotheses are developed by listeners.

This is the future, it is inspiring. They are E-xperiences.