The Future

Some scientists state that the future of our planet is uncertain. Humankind has taken a direction that threatens our existence. Science has focused its efforts on colonizing new planet systems, with the aim of finding a solution for the human race.

Scientists affirm that, in the next years, interplanetary spaceflights will be an increasingly closer reality. Robotics will grow and replace the less qualified workforce. The ecosystem will be more threatened every day, with the resulting destruction of our planet. Wars will be the sad outcome of a fight between capitalism and religion. Starvation will punish underdeveloped countries and social classes as we know today will be reduced to an expression of minorities.

The good news is that science has the solution to a futuristic reality that seems alarming for human race. The evolution, revolution and re-evolution of science may generate a radical change in the destiny of our planet.

From as a scientific training hub, we will do our bit to help the dissemination of knowledge. We will contribute with a new educational system, so that more and better scientists and technicians are trained all over the world. Our proposal is based on the transfer of knowledge regardless of where the student lives.

We are here. You are in any place of the planet. We learn, share, theorize, build solutions to the problems faced by the entire planet. Otherwise, we will become extinct.

This is not fatalism. Finding a way that leads us to save our home is positivism. We teach to save the Earth and all the species living on it.