The University was created and conceived as a global university, focused on technological and scientific educational goals.

During the last decades, teaching scholars, professors and businessmen all over the world have analyzed the transformations universities and education must face in order to deal with future challenges.

In order to set a milestone in global education systems, we decided to create the “university of the future”. This ambitious project will give rise to a new type of university, which has little to do with those we know today.

Our mission is, through the transfer of scientific knowledge, to improve the life of human beings, save the Earth’s ecosystem, generate employment, improve the quality of life, discover the cure of multiple diseases, explore other ways of living, and ensure the continuity of humankind on Earth and in space.

With, training will go through a direct path between scientists and students. We seek to shorten the time between a laboratory idea and its globalization, for the benefit of humankind. will produce a change in the profile of students that attend a university course of study in search of knowledge.

University students will no longer be only between the ages of 18 and 25, but different generations of students will coexist. This change will generate a richer educational process, since “analog natives”, highly experienced in the business world, will share the same educational ecosystem with “digital natives”, who have great skills in managing technology and its projection to the future.

The launch of will make scientific education an even more global space, with students of different nationalities and cultures. The university will no longer be a physical space or a geographic location.

The ultimate goal of is to connect the demands of the labor market with the technological and scientific world. The traditional link between university and research will be replaced by a new pair formed by the words university and company or undertaking.

However, the main changes will be related to the way students are trained. The new technologies will play an essential role, since training will be 100% online.

With this new method, more and more people will have access to university education, by reducing its costs, improving its flexibility and promoting a more collaborative learning model. ensures that a higher amount of people have access to university, regardless of their social origins, acquiring knowledge from scientists, with an innovative way of financing education and broad flexibility, which eliminates all restrictions as to time, place and space.

The future is under way, Uscitech has arrived – Science &Technology Global University.